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LorAn Flavoring

What is LorAnn Oils?

These are american food flavors used in culinary preparations including desserts, yogurts and drinks.
Some of these perfumes have been diverted for use in the manufacture of electronic cigarette e liquid and are now part of LorAnn Oils vape recipes.

LorAnns e juice?

LorAnn flavoring is not ecigarette e liquid and do not contain nicotine.

Can you use LorAnn Oils for vaping?

The flavors offered here are specifically aimed at vapers in a dedicated range.

Lorann Oils safe for vaping?

Not all LorAnn flavorings are suitable for e-cigarettes.
The selection of LorAnn Oils for vaping involves flavors devoid of diacetyl and with no potentially harmful substances inhaled.

Do LorAnn flavors contain essential oils?

The LorAnn catalog actually offers aromas containing oils. But the selection done upstream eliminates all these products that are not offered to vapers.

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LorAnn Oils and Flavors

How much LorAnn Oil to use in e liquid ?

Can you vape Lorann flavourings ?

All LorAnn food flavoring are not suitable for electronic cigarette. This is why you will find on our site a precise selection of perfumes.

LorAnn flavors are popular for diyers searching for natural and concentrated flavors. Some have become a must in the community.
You will find below a top 3 of the best flavors to make LorAnn Oils recipes.

  • Banana Cream: The favorite of fans of this generous Loranne gourmet

  • Creamy Caramel: the powerful flavor of a fine caramel

  • Blueberry: one of the best blueberry aromas for a natural vape juice

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and we do not doubt that you will find your happiness in the thirty LorAnn Oil vape recipes available here
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