Grasshopper Mom and Pop - Mint chocolate vape juice (11ml)

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A delicious chocolate mint flavor Expand

  • Looking for a creamy and refreshing chocolate mint flavor concentrate ?
    This one offers the taste of a fine chocolate, well balanced between sweetness and freshness, without being too present
  • Use: 8-10%
  • Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep

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More than 300 authentic flavors available

A famous mint chocolate e liquid

A delicious blend of fresh mint chocolate.
A perfect balance mix.

  • How to dose this grasshopper flavor ?

→ Recommended percentage : 8-10%
               12 drops = 5% for 10ml

  • What is the steeping time for a chocolate mint vape juice ?

- Two weeks minimum

  • Is this flavor only for vaping ?

Mom and Pop flavors are food grade. You can use them in pastry, ice cream, etc

* Tip : we added a few drops of Peppermint to make it more refreshing

Mom & Pop Grasshopper

  • Made in the USA
  • Composition : Natural and artificial flavored, PG (propylene glycol), Glycerin, water
  • Diacetyl free
  • 11ml Dropper bottle conditioned by AromTeam

Mom and Pop Concentrates

Mom and Pop Vapor 

The Mom-and-Pop company is a small family business based in the USA which, thanks to the originality and the precision of the flavors and concentrates for electronic cigarette proposed succeeded in making itself known all over the world.

" Our juices are all made in the USA, Virginia, to be more specific. The ingredients are : Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), natural and artificial flavoring.

We took our time to define each recipe so that we could promote each flavor's individual strengths and weaknesses.

We are aware of the concerns faced with diacetyl. We do not have any flavors containing diacetyl. "

The Mom and Pop tobacco range, which is essentially composed of extracts and absolute tobacco, is one of the best tobacco concentrates available on the market, making it possible to create very realistic and sharp e liquids.

Mom and Pop's gourmet flavors are also impressively realistic when it comes to achieving pure gluttony.

Thanks to the community's appreciation, we can deliver you a top 10 of the most popular Mom and Pop concentrated flavors.

- Ry4 Tobacco: a perfect ry4 tobacco flavor

- Coffee Cream: an amazing coffee aroma

- Calipitter Chow: the ultimate in gluttony !

- Strawberry Milkshake: a pure strawberry milkshake

- Strawberry Cheesecake: a torture of happiness !

- Ry0 Tobacco: for those who seek a tobacco flavor as rough as cigarette !

- Pchela's Famous Five Layer: a flavor more than gourmet

- Pchela's Poison: for sure, a real poison you can not leave !

- Tobacco Haze: A very elaborate tobacco flavor

- Deja Vu: a very aromatic pipe tobacco

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. You will find on this site more than fifty Mom and Pop concentrates

Here are the testimonials of those who chose this product on our site.

They share their experience in the creation of DIY e liquids and show their satisfaction after placing an order with Arom-Team.

Arom Team Reviews (8)

Rated 4.50 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 8 customer reviews
Client vérifié

Excellent arôme avec des saveurs

Excellent arôme avec des saveurs magnifiques

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Client vérifié


un petit 5 etoiles , car je le pensais un peu plus gourmand , j'aime bien les saveur asser prononcer 15% , le chocolat est vraiment discret , mais sa ressemble pas mal a l'after eight en beaucoup moin sucrer , j'ai un dosage a 17% plus une petite modif pour le rendre plus gourmand , a conseiller pour l"été

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tres bon


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after 8

excellent, je l'ai dosé à 15 gouttes pour 10 ml, je laisse macerer environ 6 jours

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Bon !

Le meilleur chocolat-menthe que j'ae goûté jusqu'à présent. Un peu plus menthe que chocolat, mais je l'aime bien.

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tres bon

bon arome qui toute fois manue de rendu au niveau chocolat qui reste plus que discret ! en meme temps s il y en avait plus, ca serait peut etre ecoeurant ! donc dans l ensemble suis satisfaite de cet arome dosé comme indiqué sur le site à 15g / 10ml

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j'ai vraiment du le doser pour trouver le gout du chocolat et de la menthe mais même comme ça je ne suis pas satisfaite , il faut dire que je suis difficile sur le gout du chocolat

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Dosé comme indiqué à 15% ( 1,5ml d'arome pour 10ml )
Le rendu est excellent, sur 4 menthe chocolat testé de différent fabriquant, celui-ci me donne enfin le gout recherché : le chocolat plaisir After Eight, pas trop frais, pas trop chocolat, pile la nuance qu'il faut, tout comme ce chocolat.
J' ADOORE ! Merci, je sais ou le trouver maintenant ^^

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