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Acetyl Pyrazine The Flavor Apprentice

  • Flavor: Acetyl Pyrazine is a very interesting additive to give a toasted taste to your e liquid. A few drops are enough to improve tobacco, dessert, chocolate or hazelnut recipes.
  • Use: 1 drop for 5ml to not overpower other flavorings
  • Steeping: Same as the recipe

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AcetylPyrazine The Perfumer's Apprentice

  • A taste near popcorn, an essential e liquid additive

  • What is acetyl pyrazine ?

Pyrazine is a chemical compound found in nuts and seeds, which when extracted is in the form of a brown yellow powder. This additive is used in ice cream.

  • How to use acetyl pyrazine in e liquid diy ?

To find the bready and graham crackerish note you have been looking for, just add one or two drops to your electronic cigarette eliquid.

Acetyl Pyrazine is used to add bready and nutty flavours. It has very different effects depending on the concentration used.

It's the ultimate enhancer for all cinnamon rolls, cakes, cookies and even tobacco flavors type.

  • How is acetyl pyrazine Perfumer's Apprentice ?

  - 5% of acetyl pyrazine powder are diluted in propylene glycol

  • How to dose acetyl pyrazine in an e liquid ?

The dosage of this additive must be very moderate so as not to spoil a preparation.

Generally, 1 drop for 5ml of liquid is enough to interact with subtlety after a steeping time.

   > Did you know it ? A few drops of acetyl pyrazine give a toasted hazelnut flavor with tobacco flavors.
For its part, a minimal Ethyl Maltol dosage tempers the dry side of a tobacco liquid.

Acetyl pyrazine e liquid recipe :

acetyl pyrazine e juice recipe

The Flavor Apprentice Acetyl Pyrazine Product Details

  • Made in the USA
  • Dropper bottle 9ml conditioned by Arom-Team

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