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Vanillin Flavor West - Vanilla Sugar (11ml)

  • Flavor: Vanillin or vanilla sugar, an indispensable ingredient so present in baking dessert and so useful in the vape world
  • Use: 1 drop per ml
  • Considerations: Follow the recommendations so as not to risk a bitter rendering
  • Vanillin pairs well with: according to the recipe

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Vanillin Flavor West

Vanillin, an essential additive

10% of vanillin crystals diluted in PG (propylene glycol).

An indispensable ingredient, vanillin or vanilla sugar, so present in baking dessert creams or creamy vanilla biscuits.

Vanillin has its place in diy for all gourmet recipes but it must be dosed in moderation to avoid generating a bitter taste.

* This product allows you to make your own e liquid but is above all a vanillin food flavor that is easily invoked in drinks, yogurts, desserts.

  Vanillin dosage for cake: you can use liquid vanillin in your pastry preparation as well.
We recommend a dosage ranging from a teaspoon (4ml) to a tablespoon (10ml) to obtain the desired vanilla taste.

Flavor West Vanillin Product Details

  • Made in the USA
  • Composition : Vanillin crystals USP grade, ethylvanillin, PG (propylene glycol)
  • 11ml Dropper bottle conditioned by Arom-Team

Vanilla Flavor, E liquid Additive

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