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Vanillin Flavor West - Vanilla Sugar (11ml)

  • Flavor: Vanillin or vanilla sugar, an indispensable ingredient so present in baking dessert and so useful in the vape world
  • Use: 1 drop per ml
  • Considerations: Follow the recommendations so as not to risk a bitter rendering
  • Vanillin pairs well with: according to the recipe

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Vanillin Flavor West

Vanillin, an essential additive

  • What is vanillin ?

Vanillin is an aldehyde that naturally grows on vanilla pod when prepared as a spice.

vanillin crystals

As part of this product, it is 10% ethylvanillin, synthetic vanillin diluted in propylene glycol.

  • What is vanilla sugar ?

So present in baking dessert creams or creamy vanilla biscuits, Vanillin has its place in e liquid diy for all gourmet recipes.

  • Vanilla extract or vanillin ?

Vanilla extract from the maceration of vanilla beans in alcohol at best or a combination of vanillin and vanillic acid should not be confused.

vanilla extract
                Vanilla extract

Vanillin is a flavor.

  • Ethylvanillin, a very powerful aromatic compound

Although synthetic, the ethylvanillin brings the same taste as natural vanillin but has an aromatic power 3 to 4 times higher.

This is why it should be dosed sparingly so as not to generate a bitter taste.

In DIY e liquid, its role is to harmonize the flavors by highlighting the discrete aromas and tempering the dominant notes.

It allows to rectify a recipe by rebalancing the mixture. It often saves a wrong mix.

  • The dosage of ethyl vanillin

Because of its exceptional aromatic power, the dosage must be very controlled.

It is generally recommended to add 1 drop per ml to create harmony of tastes.

  • Vanillin only for electronic cigarette?

Although this product makes it possible to make your own liquid, it is primarily a food flavor that is easily invoked in desserts, drinks or yogurts.

  - Vanillin dosage for cake: you can use liquid vanillin in your pastry preparation as well.
We recommend a dosage ranging from a teaspoon (4ml) to a tablespoon (10ml) to obtain the desired vanilla taste.

  • What to replace vanillin?

Attempting to replace vanillin with a classic vanilla flavor will not have the same impact on a recipe as it will become the dominant note, not the flavor enhancer.

Flavor West Vanillin Product Details

  • Made in the USA
  • Composition : Vanillin crystals USP grade, ethylvanillin, PG (propylene glycol)
  • 11ml Dropper bottle conditioned by Arom-Team

Vanilla Flavor, E liquid Additive

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