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  • A blond tobacco flavor near 555, a powerful tobacco stained with hazelnut, concluding on a fruity note. DK Tobacco is excellent on its own but also a great touch for complex tobacco recipe
  • Use: 5-10%
  • Steeping: Give it a 2-3 weeks steep

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Tobacco nuts e liquid

Near a 555 flavor, a tobacco flavoring with a hint of hazelnut, but more subtle.

Some will find a light flowery taste when it is actually a hint of blueberry coming round a predominant tobacco taste.

Note that this flavor is relatively strong and requires a moderate dosage for an optimal liquid

  • DK Tobacco flavor percentage

→ Recommended percentage: 5-10%
               24 drops = 1ml = 10% for 10ml

  • DK Tobacco e liquid steeping

→ A fairly long maturation time is indicated (2 to 3 weeks)

DK tobacco e juice recipe

tobacco e liquid recipe with tfa dk tobacco

Tropic Tobacco (for 10ml)

- PG/VG Nicotine Base
- DK Tobacco: 9 drops
- Golden Pineapple: 6 drops
- RY4: 1 drop

Perfumer's Apprentice DK Tobacco

  • Made in the USA
  • Composition : Natural and artificial flavored, PG (propylene glycol), alcohol
  • 11ml Dropper-bottle conditioned by Arom-Team

the flavor apprentice

TFA flavorings have been highly valued by diyers for many years to make high quality e juices.

As a guarantee of quality, this manufacturer offers a rich range of fruity and gourmet flavors.

For our part, we have guided our selection on a base of valuable tobacco flavors, which also made the reputation of this brand, although we also offer some gourmet flavors.

Thanks to the community's appreciation, we can establish a top 10 The Flavor Apprentice that could seduce you.

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- DK Tobacco: for an excellent 555 tobacco vape juice

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- Caramel Original: a perfect caramel coulis

- Red Type Blend: a very realistic blond tobacco flavor

- Cubano: a popular Cuban cigar aroma

- Vanilla Bean Gelato: a custard vanilla flavor to discover

- Fruit Circles: fruity cereal crunchy

- Acetyl Pyrazine: an essential additive for diy tobacco

- Koolada: the only additive for summer liquids, pure freshness

Do not hesitate to browse our catalog to find your next The Flavor Apprentice e liquid

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Je suis rapidement tombé amoureux de cette arôme. Un tabac acidulé que je consomme régulièrement.
Dk: 7%
Orange stream : 3%
Ethyl maltol :1%
Acethyl pyrazine : 2%
Plus d'un mois de maturation . Un vrai délice

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Not tobacco-fruit flavor.

Not tobacco-fruit flavor.

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pas à mon gout

malgré un mois de maturation un arôme dominant de fruit fleur type kiwi (?) assez étrange...par contre intéressant en apport subtil sur un 555...

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Très bon

je l'utilise dans un savoureux mélange mais même seul il est très bon.

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Dk Tobacco

Une excellente base tabac avec une pointe de noisette. Je l'utilise souvent dans mes recettes en mix avec du M-type premium, excellent!

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pas du tout adhéré

pourtant j'aime plutôt (beaucoup) les aromes M&P.
mais là, je pensais retrouver le 555 gold de Ina en meilleur, et je tombe sur un gout très boisé, vert avec une noisette peu présente.
j'ai fait gouter: gout de saké, ou encore gnole de litchi.
enfin, je ne comprends pas cet arome.
sans doute, certains apréciront.
je l'ai peut'être trop dosé (20g en 66/33). je referai un test, et viendrai corriger si mon appréciation change.

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