State Express 555 by CF - 555 cigarettes (11ml)

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A rich 555 tobacco flavor with hazelnuts Expand

  • This 555 tobacco flavor is a rich blond tobacco flavor near a famous american cigarettes brand by its close taste and its subtle notes of hazelnut for a very realistic e liquid
  • Use: 3%
  • Steeping: Give it a 3 or 4 weeks steep

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Nutty tobacco e juice

Arom-Team review: an excellent light tobacco flavor, vaguely dry to add to its realism, sometimes bringing us to a famous American brand, sometimes to Drum, which requires a sufficient maturation time.

This flavor contains natural tobacco extract.

How to dose this 555 flavor concentrate ?

  • Recommended percentage : 3%
  • 12 drops = 5% for 10ml

state express liquidMake 200ml 555 liquid with a single bottle

How long to steep a 555 cigarettes e juice DIY ?

  • Tobacco aromas need a long enough maturing time to develop themselves. Give a 3-4 weeks steep

555 e liquid DIY Recipe

Acetyl pyrazine1%

Concentrated Flavors 555 State Express

  • Made in China
  • Composition : Natural (tobacco extract) & artificial flavored, alcohol
  • Concentrated Flavors are ultra strength flavors, diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acetoin free
  • Dropper-bottle 11ml conditioned by AromTeam

Arom Team Reviews (2)

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L'arome state 555 express a une très bonne saveur.

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Client vérifié

très bon tabac

rien de mauvais à dire, un peu brute sans acetil pyrazine, avec un peu d'additifs ce tabac est économique et relativement bon, j'ai fait un test en prenant ce concentré et ne regrette pas mon achat

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