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  • Looking for the best coca cola flavored vape juice, accurate and refreshing ?
    On its own or in recipe, it compliments e liquid with its inimitable taste. There are no bubbles but there's a pep's !
  • Use: 10-15%
  • Steeping: Give it some days
  • Cola pairs well with: Waffle, Caramel, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Berries

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Cola vape juice

- If one day I had been told that I would vape coke! I can not believe it !

- Sure it changes but a cola vape juice, it's really the taste of the soft drink and in addition, this product is a natural flavouring so it's worth a try!

Note that this flavor does not contain propylene glycol

  • How to use this Coca Cola concentrate ?

A Cola e juice flavor concentrate that will delight its fans but also can enter into the composition of fruity e-liquid recipes, cocktails and gourmet recipes adapting to its sweet tartness.

* Tip: We noticed that a few drops of Caramel Original The Perfumer's Apprentice seems to get even closer to the taste of Coca Coke.

Try this flavor with a hint of cherry, you will like a cola cherry !

  • Where does cola flavor come from?

Reading the label of a bottle of Coke is not very informative.
It contains only carbonated water, sugar or sucrose, a caramel color, phosphoric acid which gives it its acidulous taste, plant extracts and a caffeine flavor.

Not enough to get an idea.

By digging a little the subject, we learn that chemists have managed to list the ingredients of coca cola.

So coca-cola is a precise blend of sugar, acids and multiple essences of orange, lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, lavender, coca extract.
It does not incorporate kola nuts but caffeine in its classic version.

And we will also be surprised to learn that to ensure the stability of this mixture based on essential oils, glycerin is used for its emulsifying and antioxidant role.

coke bottle

  • Is there kola nut in Coca Cola?

It does not incorporate kola nut but caffeine in its classic version.

  • What percentage for this natural Cola flavor ?

Recommended percentage : 10-15%
            24 drops = 10% for 10ml

  • What is the steep time for a Cola e-liquid ?

Give it a 2 - 7 days steep

  • Is this flavor only for e cigs ?

Capella make food flavors. It is therefore possible to use them as much in pastry as in ice or yogurt.

Coca Cola e liquid

cola recipe with capella cola

Coca Cola e juice

- 50/50 Nicotine Base
- Cola : 3%
- Dragon Fruit : 2%
- Raspberry : 2%

Cola Capella

  • High quality food flavor made in USA
  • Composition : Natural Flavored, alcohol
  • Diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acetoin, gluten, sugar, aspartame free
  • Dropper bottle 11ml conditioned by Arom-Team

Capella Flavors

Capella e juice flavors 

Capella concentrates are well known to diyers and their mix. These are known as safe manufacturing and liquid values, the highest quality flavors.

Over the years, this manufacturer, which primarily targeted its products to drinks and desserts, adapted them to vape and purified the flavors of some harmful substances to inhalation use.

This is why you will find many flavors in version 2.

Despite a wide catalog with fruit flavors, drinks flavors, gourmet aromas and even some tobacco flavors, some flavors are favored by diyers.

So, we reveal here a list of Capella e juice concentrate for DiY that are popular in the community.

Capella Best flavors to start DIY

Of course, the other flavors emanating from Capella Flavors have the same quality and deserve just as much as these, this is only a simple top 10.
We could have cited as well the sublime Capella Graham Cracker flavor and so many others we favorite and you will enjoy too.

Follow the reviews and you will find your best Capella flavours !

A question about DIY ? Consult our guide How to make your liquid for electronic cigarette

Here are the testimonials of those who chose this product on our site.

They share their experience in the creation of DIY e liquids and show their satisfaction after placing an order with Arom-Team.

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Client vérifié


Schmeckt nur leicht nach Cola (bei 10%)
Zu spritzig und kratzt im Hals.

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Client vérifié


Bien bonne restitution du célèbre soda manque un peut de sucre

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Client vérifié

pas mal

bon gout cola le vrai!

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Client vérifié

Super site et fabuleux service client !

Super site et fabuleux service client !

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Client vérifié

Une petite soif

Avec l'arome Cola de Capella retrouvez la saveur de la fameuse boisson au liquide noir pétillant

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Client vérifié

1er vrai cola

j'en ai testé beaucoup de liquides commerciaux cola mais toujours déçu mais celui là un vrai gout de cola naturel pas le bonbon ou la boisson hein : le fruit
20gt et 1gt de sweet et 5 gt cerise loarn oil pour 10ml : un regal

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Client vérifié


Très bien

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Très bon cola

Un bon petit gout de cola acidulé ( comme les bonbons) .Il se sirote avec plaisir et se marie bien avec l'orange et le citron aussi.
Dosé à 20gt/10ml en 50/50 avec 48h de maturation, je le trouve parfait .

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Abricot a un bon gout

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