New to DiY E juice ?

When you start mixing e liquid, you don't know where to look at as there are lot of flavors and concentrates on the market.

We try looking for the tastes that suit us to make a satisfying liquid.
We try, we fail, we give up.

To help you in your process, Arom Team analyzes here the best DIY e liquid recipes known to vapers and gives you all the tips to compose a recipe composed of at most 3 flavors.

You will find some simple recipes and useful indications as to the flavors to get in the first place to optimize your easy DIY e liquid and not waste money.

The secret of a simple e liquid recipe is in the moderate use of flavors
The vaper first chooses his favorite tastes
He adapts the nicotine level and PG VG ratio to his homemade vape juice
Obtain the basic flavors to compose his own e liquid recipe
And apply easy DIY recipes, whether gourmet, fruity or tobacco mix

How much flavor to start?

This question is difficult to answer when you know that many sellers distribute large capacity bottles and others more reasonable bottles.

Arom-Team has chosen to limit its offer to bottles of around 10ml precisely to help beginners to DIY vape.

Indeed, increasing the number of purchases when you start quickly becomes very expensive and you must have a sufficient reserve of flavors to create diversified recipes.

Following this logic of small containers is much more affordable when you do not yet know which tastes will become the favorites of your taste buds.

What are vape juice ingredients?

As you already know, an e liquid is made of flavorings, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine if you wish.

Before any purchase, ask yourself the right questions.

  • What type of recipes are you going to go for?

Tobacco, mint, gourmet, fruity? What are your favorite fruits and pastries?

  • Since you have opted for the electronic cigarette, what type of e liquid have you consumed?

What ratio of PG VG? What level of nicotine?

Depending on your answers, you will be able to determine which e liquid base to choose, how much nicotine is needed and which DiY e liquid flavouring to prioritize.

How much nicotine in my vape juice?

What strength nicotine to use?

Think to use our DIY e liquid calculator to precisely dose the nicotine in your e-liquid base.

Assume that if you decide to create ten liquids in 10ml bottles, you will need 100ml (10x10) of neutral base.

The second calculation must be done according to the strenght of nicotine you need.

If, for example, you are looking to make a 3mg liquid with 100ml of neutral base available, you will therefore need to add 17.6ml of nicotine (2 boosters) to ultimately hold 117.6ml of 3mg nicotine base.

It will allow you to create your ten personalized e-liquids in 3mg/ml.

Another example, you want a 6mg liquid and have a neutral base of 100ml, you must add 42.9ml of nicotine (4 boosters) to finally have 142.9ml of 6mg nicotine base allowing you to make almost fifteen liquids for your e cigarette.

Which flavors for DiY ejuice?

Based on our own experience with DIY e-liquids as well as on the top flavors of our customers, we can guide you towards a wise choice if you want to make yourself gourmet and fruity vape juice recipes.

  • Vanilla Custard (Cap)
  • French Vanilla (Cap)
  • Sweet Cream (Cap)
  • Sweet Strawberry (Cap)
  • Sugar Cookie (Cap)
  • New York Cheesecake (Cap)
  • Graham Cracker (Cap)
  • Ethyl Maltol (TPA)
  • Dragon Fruit (Cap)
  • Cinnamon Danish Swirl (Cap)
  • Banana Cream (LO)
  • Madagascar Vanilla (FW)

This precise selection allows you to create the simple recipes we give you, made up of 2 or 3 DiY e liquid flavorings which we detail below.

How to make vape juice easy recipe?

 * Dosage in ml indicated for a 15ml bottle

1 - Strawberry cookie 

- Graham Cracker 6% or 0.90ml
- Sweet Strawberry 10% or 1.50ml

2- Banana Cream

- Banana cream 5% or 0.75ml
- Dragon Fruit 3% or 0.45ml
- Sweet Strawberry 7% or 1.05ml

3 - Dragon Cream

- Dragon Fruit 10% or 1.5ml
- Ethyl Maltol 1% or 0.15ml
- Sweet Strawberry 4% or 0.6ml
- Sweet Cream 6% or 0.9ml

4- Grant's Custard

- Vanilla Custard 4% or 0.6ml
- New York Cheesecake 3% or 0.45ml
- French Vanilla 3% or 0.45ml

5- Vanilla Cookie

- Cinnamon Danish Swirl 4% or 0.6ml
- Sugar Cookie 7% or 1.05ml
- Vanilla Custard 5% or 0.75ml

6- Custard cake

- Vanilla Custard 6% or 0.9ml
- French Vanilla 5% or 0.75ml
- New York Cheesecake 5% or 0.75ml

7- Dragon Fire

- Dragon Fruit 10% or 1.5ml
- Sweet Strawberry 4% or 0.6ml
- Sweet Cream 6% or 0.9ml

8- Strawberry delight

- Sweet Strawberry 10% or 1.5ml
- Graham Cracker 5% or 0.75ml
- Sweet Cream 3% or 0.45ml
- Vanilla Custard 2% or 0.30ml

How to make tobacco vape juice?

If you are not tempted by gourmet recipes, often considered too sweet for former smokers, you can opt for pure tobacco flavors, the so-called "classic" flavors that you can find here or even compose yourself gourmet tobacco for which we offer you some suggestions below.

 * Dosage in ml indicated for a 15ml bottle

1 - Sublime RY4

- RY4 Double 8% or 1.2ml
- Madagascar Vanilla 4% or 0.6ml
- Sweet Cream 3% or 0.45ml

2- Realism

- Latakia 1% or 0.15ml
- Tobacco Blend 1% or 0.15ml
- Flue Cured 2% or 0.30ml

3- Cara ry4

- RY4 Double 10% or 1.5ml
- Graham Cracker 2% or 0.30ml
- Butterscotch 1% or 0.15ml

For realistic tobacco flavors fans, we indicate some flavorss with the sweet name of RYO Tobacco, Parliament, American Red Tobacco, Flue Cured, Western Blend, USA mix, American Blend ... which require a long enough maturation time to fully reveal their potential.

Yours to Discover !

Is it cheaper to make your own vape juice?

DiY e liquid is economical and you can find simple recipes all over the internet.

Just follow this simple tutorial not to miss it and make yourself a pleasant e liquid.

Depending on the recipes, remember to allow sufficient steeping time (useless for fruity and minty recipes) and remember that if our strawberry-based recipes do not thrill you, keep the vanilla, the cookie, the cream and replace the fruit by raspberry, pear, peach, mango, cherry, lemon, melon, grape................

This is the DIY e-cigarette. We do what we want !


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