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Capella Cinnamon Danish Swirl V2 Flavor

This Cinnamon Danish Swirl is an amazing flavor, a taste of cake punctuated with cinnamon, a true delicacy that caresses the taste buds and brings a very satisfying vape

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Capella Flavors Cinnamon Danish Swirl V2

  • For a tasty cinnamon roll e liquid !

What is cinnamon danish swirl ?

This Cinnamon Danish flavor is indescribable but exciting !
A dessert taste with a hint of chocolate, a hint of cinnamon that brings an amazing vape for a satisfyied vaper.

This Capella Cinnamon Danish flavor near the Danish cinnamon cake is sufficient on its own or complements diy recipe with spicy notes.

How to use Cinnamon Danish Swirl flavor ?

This product is a subtle aroma that should be dosed to avoid deprecating it.
A taste of Viennese pastries that caress the taste buds, never sickening if dosed in moderation, which requires sufficient steeping time to reveal its complexity.

Certainly one of the best cinnamon flavors for e-cig diy that pairs very well in gourmet and fruit recipes.

Warning: it is more than desirable to opt for a long maturation time for all cinnamon flavors.
In the case of this Capella flavor, it takes time for the strength of the cinnamon to blend in order to achieve balance with the biscuit.
Many users omit this step and, by hasty use, do not perceive its potential.

cinnamon danish swirl

How to dose Cinnamon Danish Swirl flavor ?

            Recommended percentage : 10%

What is the steeping time for this Cinnamon Danish ?

         One or two weeks

Flavor only for e cig ?

Capella flavors are food grade. You can use this product in pastry, yogurt, etc

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Cinnamon Danish Swirl diy recipe

cinnamon e juice recipe

Gourmet E juice recipe :

- PG/VG Nicotine Base
- 3% Cinnamon Danish Swirl
- 0.5% Chocolate Fudge Brownie
- 1% Coconut
- 2.5% Ethyl Maltol

Dropper bottle 11ml conditioned by Arom-Team

High quality food flavor, made in USA

Composition : Natural and artificial flavored, PG (propylene glycol), alcohol
Diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, acetoin, gluten, sugar, aspartam free

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