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What do we really know about e-cigarettes in 2021 ?

There are legends and knowledge. What do we really know about vaping in 2020 ? A report summarizes the findings.
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Is diacetyl in vape juice ?

The media regularly emphasize the presence of diacetyl in electronic cigarette e juices. But what is the truth of their claims ?
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Covid-19 - How to boost immune system ?

Covid19 changed our lives in few weeks. Arom-Team shares some healthy tips to boost the immune function.
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Monologue of a future vaper (fiction?)

The mind is teasing. It sometimes opposes resistance to the will. But it likes to be spoken to convince it of its mistake.
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PG Allergy - Propylene Glycol in Vape

Both a preservative and a diluent, propylene glycol is a major ingredient in electronic cigarette e liquids. But what exactly do we know about it?
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Are e cigarette liquid flavors really dangerous ?

The media are trying to spread their articles on the dangerousness of e liquid flavoring. But are there flavors more dangerous than others ?
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Electronique Cigarette : when WHO goes crazy

At the end of July 2019, press agencies dispatch create confusion over the electronic cigarette. WHO considers it harmful to health. What is the background of this story?
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