The burnt taste of a vaping device can have several origins but is always linked to the coil of the atomizer. Even if the model is new, a wick badly soaked in e liquid always produces the same effect, the cotton burn.

The burnt taste in e-cigarette always comes from head coil
The atomizer wick must be soaked at all times
The vaper must master the power of the material so as not to burn it
He must choose the vape juice PG VG ratio, fill the tank well
Change the coil regularly and carry out maintenance of the vaping device

Why does my vape taste bad?

The bad taste that one can sometimes feel with an electronic cigarette is very often linked to the resistance or to the impregnation of the wick, the cotton which surrounds the resistance.

To understand this dysfunction, let's first do a brief review of how an e-cigarette works.

How electronic cigarette works?

 1- When the ecigarette is triggered, a resistance made of kanthal, stainless steel, titanium or nickel is activated to heat the liquid

 2- A cotton wick taken in this same resistance is impregnated with liquid before it is started

 3- The role of this wick is to be wet enough to reach the point of vaporization and thus create what many still call smoke when it comes to vapor.

 4- When the liquid is vaporized, the wick must be constantly supplied with liquid to avoid what is called "dry burn", that is to say a too dry wick which begins to burn.

The main reason for this unpleasant burnt taste is therefore a wick which is not sufficiently saturated with liquid or which is poorly supplied when the atomizer is activated.

Knowing that humidity is what regulates the temperature of the resistance, an excessively dry cotton wick cannot withstand intense heat.

ecigarette tank

E cigarette tastes burnt but it is new

If you are new to vaping, the priority to know is that you must always impregnate the wick with the resistance before even pressing the start button of your vaporizer.

Always proceed in this simple order, drop a few drops of liquid directly into the resistance without insisting too much not to drown it, then fill the tank.

Wait a few minutes before testing, until the mechanism is well impregnated to avoid any risk of overheating.

If you neglect this essential step, the cotton damaged as soon as the atomizer is activated will definitely keep this burnt taste. The only solution will then be to change it.

Why does my new coil taste burnt?

There may be times when you haven't soaked the wick enough or even haven't waited long enough to start vaping.

This malfunction is characteristic of a cotton that still has dry spots that have been affected by overheating.

But you can still intervene.

Disassemble the tank carefully so as not to spill the liquid, then access the resistance to pour out a few drops again.

Reassemble the resistance and the tank then shake the tank and turn it over several times so that the trapped air (the bubbles that appear in the tank) dissipate.


What is dry hit vape?

In the electronic cigarette glossary, you will often come across the expression "dry hit".

The dry hit is the fact of vaping and falling directly on this very unpleasant and irritating burnt taste.

It is the result of a resistance which heats and burns an insufficiently impregnated wick.

Are you vape enthousiast?

The discovery of the ecigarette can be an amazing experience.

It can nevertheless lead to overheating of the device by repeated aspirations that are too rapid.

Thus, the fact of "chain-vaping", vaping without sufficient pause, can lead to an equally rapid drying out of the wick, a slowing down of the e-liquid supply and finally a discouraging burnt taste.

A simple trick to avoid this mishap: take the temperature of your tank.
It should never be hot, only warm, and delay aspirations.

Why my coil burn so fast?

The more time passes, the more efficient the vape devices are.

Today there are many high power mods, which can even go up to 400 or 500 watts, reserved for experts.

The novice vaper is often offered vaporizers up to 100 watts.

The fact of not blocking the wattage with the recommendations mentioned for the resistance inevitably leads to a sacrificed wick.

Each resistance mentions a value in ohms.

In order not to risk overheating, it is good to apply the corresponding wattage.

Ohms  Watts
2,0 6,0
1,8 7,0
1,5 9
1,2 10
1 12
0,8 15
0,6 20
0,5 25
0,4 30
0,3 40
0,25 50
0,2 60
0,15 80
0,1 120

In addition, a long accidental press on your electronic cigarette activating the atomizer without any drag destroys the wick in a few seconds.

Be sure to turn off the power when not in use or carrying it in a bag.

Can you empty a vape tank?

By definition, a wick must always be in contact with the liquid. *

When the ecig's tank isn't full enough and you're too lazy to fill it up again, you're blowing air with every drag.

The result is that on the next filling, this air accumulated around the coil head will lead you to a burnt taste.

You will have no choice but to change the coil.

new vaper material

What PG VG ratio is best?

The composition of your e liquid is also a parameter to take into account.

The size of your coil head and its applied wattage requires the use of a certain PG VG ratio.

Propylene glycol (PG) is more fluid than vegetable glycerin (VG) and the lower the wattage indicated for the coil, the greater the ratio of PG must be.

An easy way to find out which ratio is appropriate is to observe the side holes in your head coil.

The larger they are, the more you can use e-liquids with a high proportion of vegetable glycerin.

On the other hand, vaping a liquid with a high VG ratio on a coil that does not support it leads to a burnt taste because the glycerin is too thick and does not manage to enter properly to saturate the wick material.

When to replace a vape coil ?

Over time and with the use of your electronic cigarette, a deposit of "caramelized liquid" forms on the cotton of the coil and alters the flavors of the e-liquid.

This deposit is generated either by a liquid that is too thick, or by certain flavors or colorants that do not support heat well, or simply by the time of use.

You can try to clean the coil as we tell you below, but it is better to change it directly.

How to clean a burnt coil?

The coils of ecigarette are relatively expensive and prolonging their longevity a little can be profitable.

However, if the following procedure does not bring back a normal taste to your e-liquid, it is probably time to change it.

  • open the tank
  • unscrew the coil placed at the bottom of the tank
  • check the color and condition of the cotton - if it is soaked in liquid, you can clean it, if it is black and burnt, you can throw the coil away
  • the condition of the cotton being acceptable, you can run the coil under warm water to rinse it well for two or three minutes
  • dry the resistance well with absorbent paper then leave it in the open air
  • once dry, soak it again with liquid before reassembling it
  • fill the tank and close

E-cigarette, is the burnt taste dangerous?

The burnt taste in the electronic cigarette has nothing to do with it.

Normal use of the device makes it possible to avoid these unpleasant and very irritating "dry hit".

This is not just a matter of taste but also an alert that all vapers must immediately notice.

Studies have shown that formation of aldehydes (formaldehyde, acrolein, acetaldehyde) occurs during these dry flushes.

The generated acid vapor then becomes harmful.

Anyway, the vaper cannot fail to notice it as this vapor is acrid and unpleasant and will do everything to avoid it.

You now have all the keys to overcome this problem and get away from it all!


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