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The news on the electronic cigarette and its products. Responses to media articles sometimes abusive. A blog according to moods ...

Last Stand for Arom-Team

The time for assessment... and the last stand
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Vaping or Smoking : what choice in 2023 ?

What is best for some in 2023? Vaping or smoking? Two sides oppose each other despite scientific truths.
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Is vegetable glycerin bad for your lungs ?

What do we know about vegetable glycerin? Omnipresent in electronic cigarette products, what is its impact on health?
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Some Questions about Vaping? Answered!

Vaping raises a lot of questions. Both in the time of adaptation to a new device and with regard to health. Focus on major questions!
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10ml e liquid equals how many cigarettes?

How many cigarettes is a 10ml e liquid bottle?Frequent question when you want to start vaping. The nicotine level is important...
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5 Mistakes to Avoid when you Start Vaping (Ecigs - PG/VG - Nicotine - Coils)

Getting started in vaping is the key to not failing. Here are the 5 mistakes not to make when you start the electronic cigarette.
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10 reasons why my electronic cigarette taste burnt (Ecig - Coils - Eliquid)

When we start the electronic cigarette, we sometimes find a strange burnt taste. All the explanations and "remedies" in this article.
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Is diacetyl in vape juice ?

The media regularly emphasize the presence of diacetyl in electronic cigarette e juices. But what is the truth of their claims ?
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What do we really know about e-cigarettes in 2023 ?

There are facts and fiction. What do we really know about vaping in 2023? A report summarizes the findings.
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Monologue of a future vaper (fiction?)

The mind is teasing. It sometimes opposes resistance to the will. But it likes to be spoken to convince it of its mistake.
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