Testing vape is easy. But sometimes the process is complicated by a lack of information.
A new vaper who chooses the equipment poorly, who forgets to maintain it or who badly assesses the nicotine level is failing.

1- The new vaper cough is the consequence of stopping smoking
2- The vaping device must correspond the habits of the smoker
3- The nicotine strength must be calculated so as not to regret tobacco cigarette
4- The PG VG ratio in vape juice must be adapted to the material
5- The coil head must be changed regularly

What are vaping mistakes to avoid?

Discovering the electronic cigarette can be an interesting experience for a smoker in search of solutions to stop his addiction to tobacco.

However, there are parameters to take into account so as not to make mistakes leading to disappointment or even worse to giving up.

Let's go through the five essential points that guarantee a brake-free start.

Smokers cough from vaping?

Very often, the new vaper who slowly reduces his tobacco consumption notices that he begins to cough.

But here it is, it is not really the electronic cigarette which generates this cough but its lungs which begin to evacuate the tars deposited by the tobacco smoke.

Thus, most of the time, it is not vaping that makes you cough as the legend says, but the smoking cessation that is triggered and the "cleaning" that it generates in the lungs.

Indeed, when smoking, the toxic substances emanating from tobacco smoke immobilize the cilia of the bronchi.

When you stop smoking, these vibratile cilia resume their activity to evacuate the inspired polluting particles, hence the phenomenon of coughing at the time of withdrawal which can last for a few weeks.

How to choose the first vaping device?

The choice is vast now, from pods to sticks, from boxes to mods. This could lead to confusion!

In fact, each device is different and basically corresponds to two types of vapers.

  The first is the Basic Starter Kit, designed for mouth to lung aspiration.

It reproduces here the same process as when smoking, the aspiration of the vapor being done in two stages.

  The other kits are aimed at confirmed vaper who prefers the direct inhalation towards the lungs by a large drag.

It may sound scary to some, but it is not dangerous if it is well done.

It's just another way to vape with big, wispy clouds.

Very often, the beginner is rather looking for a discreet electronic device, which can be put in the pocket and transported everywhere without worrying about it.

He must still assess the use he will make of it and the battery capacity necessary for this same use.

The more powerful kits need a less frequent charging time being equipped with more powerful batteries.

No more risk of finding yourself in despair, without an ecig, in the middle of the day.

ecigarette vaporesso
                   Vaporesso Revenger

How to determine nicotine strength ?

An essential point not to be overlooked when starting out is the level of nicotine.

Keep in mind that a liquid underdosed in nicotine will lead you to vape frantically throughout the day to compensate for the lack.

On the other hand, an overdosed e-liquid will start by irritating your throat before triggering headaches and even nausea in the event of a nicotine overdose.

But how do you choose the right level of nicotine, you say.

It is directly linked to your consumption of traditional cigarettes.

  - If you are an occasional smoker, victim of social cigarettes, a simple liquid dosed at 3 to 6 mg / ml will be sufficient.
  - If you manage to limit your consumption to about ten cigarettes a day, a rate of 6 to 12 mg / ml may be suitable for you.

  - But if you empty a pack of cigarettes in 24 hours, then you will have to test a strength between 12 and 20mg/ml

In all cases, you must be sure to have a suitable nicotine e-liquid so as not to be tempted by smoked tobacco.

What is the difference between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin?

You should know that they are the vape juice components.

You will no doubt be offered a 50 50 PG VG liquid, you might as well know straight away that it is in fact an e-liquid composed of 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerin.

If you want to make nice clouds of vapor, you will have to give preference to glycerin (VG).

If you want to vape discreetly, then PG (propylene glycol) will be your preference.

You will also have to choose the composition of your e liquid according to your equipment, knowing that the simple starter kits do not allow a high ratio of glycerin, liquid too thick which gives a burnt taste by poor feeding of the resistance when it is not suitable.

Most e-liquids on the market are nevertheless offered in 50/50 or 70/30, the first number always being the percentage of propylene.

What happens if you don't change the coil in your vape?

The enthusiastic beginnings of the vaper may lead you to use your electronic cigarette a lot.

This is normal, this is just the adaptation process of the first weeks.

But failing to replace the coil of the tank as soon as the taste starts to deteriorate is also a huge mistake.

The electronic cigarette liquid which fills the tank passes through the atomizer to be propelled by the coil.

The coil is surrounded by a "cotton" which, soaked in liquid, allows the creation of vapor.

Over time and use, both cotton and resistance become coated with a caramelized deposit generated by heat.

And finally, this deposit diffuses and alters the taste of the e-liquid.

It is then time to change the coil of the tank to resume an optimal vaping experience.

ecig coil

Here are the keys to not being disappointed by the electronic cigarette from the start.

From choosing the right equipment to its regular maintenance while choosing the best liquids to your taste and you will undoubtedly find your cruising speed.


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