At each break at work, you leave the premises to go and smoke one on the sidewalk.

And even if you know the consequences of each puff, you have persisted for years to maintain this habit.
Deep down, you would like to do away with this rod and regain some health.

What if I fail ? Why try it ? I will not succeed. I don't want to stop. It is a personal decision. It's my freedom. I can not live without it.

Do not panic.

When you were handed a vape pen, you laughed.

But alone with it, you still tried it.

You are not sure where it can lead you, but you can see that it is different on all levels.

You can go even further today by testing lots of products or by trying to create your own e liquid. You can find your favorite flavors in the tank of your ecig.

It's strategic.

These tastes can help you go further in the transition and free yourself from a real burden.

(I know something about it, I would never have put down my cigarette for strawberry, I didn't believe it for a moment and yet ...)

Breathe. Concentrate.

There are all the flavors you like everywhere and you can even create your own recipes.

They can help you forget about the smoke.

Do you think it's harmless?

Do you know that it is a distraction of the mind at a time that could be difficult for your body ?

The round of flavors allows you to better adjust the shot to break a habit.

Over the course of your experience, you will learn to better understand what you like and dislike. You will adjust the dosages.

How much nicotine do I need ? How many drops of aromas to make my eliquid ?

Well, if I combined apple with caramel, would I like it ?

Too busy creating your vape, you'll forget, the other, the ugly.

Is it worth the effort ?

Give yourself a few days to test the effectiveness.

Give yourself a few weeks to notice the changes in your body.

Give yourself steps to adjust the shot and not miss your target.

Give yourself time. Pay attention. Take care of yourself and let go.

You have wanted to do away with this dirt for a long time.

Now may be the time to take the plunge and give up what you know hurts your health.

Leave your apprehension aside.

Around you, a lot of people have dared to equip themselves with this electronic thing.

They made you laugh for a while, but basically what did they gain?

A part of freedom, for sure.

Your turn.


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