Vape juice preservation is subject to storage conditions. When the expiry date has passed, the e-liquid must be tested and assessed for its taste, or directly discard it if its appearance has deteriorated.

The expired date indicated on the flavor or vape juice bottle is on average 2 to 3 years.
However, it does not necessarily expire.
If the date is just passed, it may lose its flavor but still be usable.
On the other hand, if it is really expired, has changed in appearance, darkened and thickened over time, it should be discarded.

Vape juice expiry date

What are the risks of an expired ejuice? Can I still vape it or should I hurry to throw it away?

There are many parameters to assess when reading an expired expiration date, from the opened vial to its storage and degradation of the liquid components.

Arom Team brings you some clarifications on the conservation of the e liquids that you buy or those that you make yourself at home.

What is best before?

Most bottles of e liquid for sale now stipulate an expiration date varying over a period of 12 to 24 months.

This is not a use by date but, as the name suggests, an indication of an optimal vape experience.

So what happens when the time limit indicated on the bottle has passed?

What ingredients are in vape juice?

E-liquids are made of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavors and nicotine if they are not in 0mg.

   - Propylene glycol and glycerin play their role of preservatives for about 3 years.

   - Nicotine remains intact and active for about 5 years.

   - The chemical compounds of the flavors do not deteriorate for 3 years.

Does vape juice go bad?

Not really.

A ready-made, sealed ejuice has a shelf life of approximately 2 years if stored in a cold, dark and dry place.

Never having been opened, its alteration is less.

The conservation of an opened e liquid is different.

If it contains nicotine, it will quickly begin to oxidize, which eventually results in a slightly pungent and unpleasant taste.

The flavors making up the e liquid recipe will also begin to deteriorate even if it is important to know that when kept cool, the degradation will be slower.

How to make DIY recipe?

The process is the same for storing a DIY e liquid as for liquids on the market.

Some diyers don't skimp on their mix, sometimes combining up to a dozen flavors to create a complex recipe.

Here too, you should know that a too long maturation time can generate an indescribable, if not frankly disgusting taste.

To avoid vaping a too degraded homemade liquid, we recommend that you write the date of preparation on the bottle.

Can expired vape juice hurt you?

The answer is simple, no, it cannot.

It may appear tasteless or very weakly flavored but in no case present a potential danger if the expiration date is passed by a few months.

On the other hand, if the date has been expired for years, it is best not to consume it.

It becomes thicker, the flavours and nicotine are severely altered, the liquid becomes very dark and not very tasty.

How to recognize an expired e juice?

   - The first sign of an expired e liquid is its altered flavor.

If you notice a strange taste while vaping it, don't push it.

   - The second major sign is a deposit at the bottom of the vial which dissolves upon shaking.

Again, drop it. The liquid is no longer usable.

   - The third sign already mentioned is a very dark appearance. Don't even try!

Does ejuice flavor go bad ?

As a general rule, flavors alone have a longer shelf life than ready to vape e-liquids.

The manufacturer's average for optimal taste is three years.

After this time, the aroma may lose its intensity but does not present any dangerousness.

What is the best way to store vape juice?

The e-liquid conservation rule can be summed up in three words: air, light, temperature.

You should therefore avoid leaving the bottles open and favor small vape juice bottle sizes (for DIY) that can easily be sealed with adhesive.

  • The ultra violets (UV light) break down the nicotine base.

It is therefore smart to store it in the dark to preserve its conservation.

  • The heat degrades and alters the liquid.

It is therefore preferable to store it at a temperature not exceeding 18 °C (64,4 °F)

Can vape juice go bad?

Vaping expired juice is not harmful to health but can sometimes lead to a very bad taste experience.

It is therefore crucial to respect strict conservation rules, whether it is e-liquids purchased on the market or your own DIY recipes.

The key word is not to vape a product that has expired for too long, take care of the storage to avoid oxidation and not to forget the bottles in your car's glove box in hot weather!


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