Some people like vanilla for its particular taste, others prefer it in recipes.

In e liquid DiY, vanilla is everywhere, blended with tobacco, fruits, desserts, beverages.

It is sometimes difficult to choose the finest vanilla although some are more suitable for certain uses.

A vanilla concentrate can be suitable for a gourmet blend or soften a tobacco flavor.
The flavors of vanilla cream, the famous "vanilla bean", are more suited to dessert or fruit recipes.
Vanillin, well known as a DIY additive, can add a nuanced touch to a dessert or tobacco recipe when used in low percentage.
Let's see what we can do with all these vanillas...

Vanilla varieties

There are 3 categories of vanilla flavors

- vanillin
- vanilla cream
- pure vanilla

     1- Vanillin

Vanillin is an organic compound, an aromatic aldehyde that forms naturally in vanilla beans.

Nevertheless, there is more ethylvanillin in the vape world, a synthetic aromatic molecule with a vanilla and sweet taste.

Used wisely and in low percentage, vanillin can sublimate when combined with a classic vanilla flavor.

Note, however, that overdosed ethyvanillin causes a bitter taste.

     2- Vanilla cream (Vanilla Bean)

It's easier to use vanilla bean or vanilla cream flavors, on their own or in recipes.
They are more authentic and characteristic of this particular taste.

Of course, they are mostly found in ice cream flavor.

     3- Vanilla concentrate

The pure vanilla flavors are very different from each other and some are richer in taste like French Vanilla while others are closer to the vanilla ice cream recipe or vanilla creams like Vanilla Custard.

The nuances are endless.

A little apart, bourbon vanilla offers a rather different taste, sweeter and aromatic, tinged with caramel or woody nuances.

The use of vanilla in DIY

Vanilla is omnipresent in DIY.

Gourmet recipes prevail when making a custard e liquid so popular with vapers.

But, when you look at it, any recipe can be sublimated with a hint of vanilla.

It embellishes a tobacco taste, it softens a coffee flavour.

It improves fruit, easily combining with strawberries, bananas or oranges to name a few.

Vanilla blends

In terms of flavors for e liquid, concentrates like Vanilla Custard, Vanilla Cupcake or Vanilla Bean Ice Cream are in fact mixtures of vanilla.

They are easy to use for beginners, integrating easily with fruit to give them a tart or vanilla cake texture.

How to combine vanilla?

Again, there are so many vanilla flavors available that it is difficult to choose.

Personally, I like to associate certain flavors according to their manufacturer.

You can easily combine the vanilla custard with The Perfumer's Apprentice tobacco flavors or even combine the Capella French Vanilla with Flavor West butterscotch or hazelnut or LorAnn Banana Cream.

vanilla recipe diy

Best vanilla flavors

  •     French Vanilla Capella: a very rich vanilla flavor with a slightly caramelized sweetness. This flavor is very popular and brings an unmistakable balance to coffee and tobacco tastes.

  •     Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Capella: a dominant accent of vanilla lost in cream and spicy nuances. This vanilla bean is excellent when paired with fruit.

  •     Vanilla Cupcake Capella: this is a gourmet flavor, combining a taste of vanilla with nuances of soft cake.

  •     Vanilla Custard Capella: the obvious combination of two different vanillas and a sweet cream. Some vapers revere this flavor while others hate it.
    The custard nevertheless remains a reference and is easily incorporated into all kinds of recipes.

  •     Madagascar Vanilla Flavor West: Bourbon vanilla tastes different from classic vanillas. More aromatic, less sweet, it sublimates caramel, hazelnut, coffee or tobacco.

  •     Simply Vanilla Capella: as its name suggests, this natural vanilla flavor is as faithful as possible by being neither too sweet nor too rich.
    It surely brings the most realistic notes to any DIY recipe.

How to use vanilla vape recipe?

If you have recently been making your own e liquid, rest assured that you will want to try several different vanillas.

Its popularity will certainly make you opt for vanilla custard to make up your mind and then you will go in search of different flavors.

If we can advise you on the matter, we invite you to try the "vanilla bean" which can be integrated more easily into fruity recipes to make fine desserts.

Finally, you might want to combine them with each other to make a super vanilla.

And why not a touch of bourbon vanilla in a custard enhanced by a French vanilla?

How to mix the vanilla flavors?

First, don't stop at your sole experience.

Just because you've tried one or two vanilla perfumes doesn't mean you've taken it all in.

Each concentrate has its nuances even if some are quite similar.

If you started with a custard, you are likely to be surprised by a bourbon vanilla or even a hint of vanillin in a recipe.

Some vanilla flavors contain alcohol and their rendering can be very different after a sufficient maturation time to cause its evaporation.

If you want to create a mixture of vanilla, then only combine two different flavors, not more.

It makes more sense to add a creamy flavor - a bavarian cream or sweet cream - as a third line, which will round it off.

Do not forget a steep period of at least a week to give you an opinion.

How to combine vanilla?

Coconut goes particularly well with vanilla and this blend makes an excellent base to pair with tobacco or fruity flavors.

Marshmallow gives body to vanilla when dosed low, in the range of 0.25 to 0.5%.

Buttered tastes like Golden Butter Capella add richness to your vanilla recipes, whether tobacco, fruity or gourmet.
Here too, the percentage should be minimal, of the order of 0.25 to 0.5%

The creamy flavorings like Sweet Cream or Bavarian are a real plus for vanilla e-liquids when they do not already contain cream.

Do not associate them with a custard for example, which would be an overload. But let them sublimate a simple vanilla.
Dosed at 1% maximum, they bring a real roundness to the mixture and make an ultra gourmet vape juice.

There are a thousand ways to spice up vanilla in DIY vape.

You can make a base, want to add depth to a recipe, combine it with fruit to make a dessert or use it with tobacco, coffee or whiskey flavors to reduce their dryness.

To make it a go-anywhere base, consider pairing vanilla with creams, milk, marshmallow, coconut, and even mint or eucalyptus.

Let steep for two weeks and discover your new soul of perfect DIYer!


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