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Discount! Umami High End, delicate Fruits with the force of Anise Expand

  • Umami concentrate is near Red Astaire, bringing fresh sensations with menthol and anise and a hint of citrus fruits. This fresh lemon mix without candy taste is an easy DiY e liquid and all day vape for numerous vapers.
  • Use: 5-8%
  • Steeping: No steep needed

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What is umami taste ?

Umami definition: umami is the fifth flavor coming after sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

Discovered in the twentieth century, this umami taste that is translated from the Japanese "umai" and "mi" by a delicious taste, is in fact a relatively neutral taste although quite indefinable.

Revolute takes this delicious taste here to make it simply the aroma of what is good for your taste buds.

Combining the sweetness of a subtle blend of citrus with a unique freshness, this Umami concentrate flavor brings intense feelings to fans of fruit and anise.

      Arom-Team review: Umami is an ideal juice for summer. A balanced mix of citrus flavors and mint in dominant notes followed by a hint of anise, possibly eucalyptus in exhale.
A liquid that will not disappoint Snake Oil fans for an original vape juice.

  • Revolute Umami flavor percentage

 → Recommended dosage: 15 drops for 10ml (50/50)

  • What is the steeping time to make a Umami e liquid ?

You can taste this citrus concentrate immediately; the purists will give it a few days.

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High End Umami

  • 10ml Revolute bottle
  • Premium food flavor, made in France
  • Composition: Food flavorings, PG (propylene glycol), alcohol
  • Diacetyl free

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Good taste!

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