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  • PinkMan vape juice is a delight of citrus. Vampire Vape has designed a perfectly balanced recipe, counterbalancing the sweet lemon with the other fruits to avoid any bitterness.
  • Use: 15%
  • Steeping: Give it some days steep

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  • Pinkman e-liquid

    What is Pinkman concentrate?

    The PinkMan liquid offers a harmonious blend of orange, grapefruit, and lemon.

    Here, we present the Vampire Vape concentrated flavor, allowing you to create this essential fruity liquid yourself.

    Arom-Team's review: Pinkman is a concentrated flavor for making a fruity DIY e-liquid, not just citrus as indicated but with some mixed red fruit notes. Hints of grape, lemon, and watermelon are perceptible.

    It also offers a fresh aspect like the Heisenberg flavor, which it pairs well with. You can add a few drops if you want to enhance this freshness in your Pinkman e-liquid.

    It remains a ready-to-use concentrate for electronic cigarettes that excites the taste buds, an all-day vape for some.

    Pinkman concentrate dosage

    • Recommended Percentage: 15% in a 50/50 base

    Steeping time for making Pinkman e-liquid?

    • Steeping for 2 to 3 days is sufficient

    How to store Pinkman flavor?

    As a general rule, a DIY concentrated Vampire Vape flavor should be protected from light and stored at a reasonable room temperature.

    Did You Know?

    Pinkman Jesse

    Certainly fans of Pinkman Breaking Bad, the creators of this concentrate gave it the name of the character Jesse Pinkman, one of "America's best methamphetamine cooks".

    Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad
        Breaking Bad Actor
                Aaron Paul

    Pinkman Concentrate - Vampire Vape

    • 10ml or 30ml Vampire Vape Dropper Bottle
    • High-quality food-grade flavor made in the United Kingdom
    • Food flavorings, PG (propylene glycol)
    • Guaranteed free from diacetyl

    • A concentrate must be diluted in a base containing nicotine or not. It cannot be used pure.

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