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List of products by manufacturer Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape Flavours

Vampire Vape is a British manufacturer of concentrated flavors and e liquids for electronic cigarette, now reference in the world of vape.

The specificity of these concentrates is characterized by their search for originality by associations of unexpected tastes.
This results in atypical diy concentrates, combining inimitable flavors.


Vampire Vape e liquids are references in the world of vape.
We are pleased to offer the quality flavors of this renowned manufacturer to allow the easy realization of premium e liquids.

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  • Pink Man Vampire Vape
    In stock
    Heisenberg Flavour Concentrate - Vampire Vape

    Is there anise in this Vampire Vape Heisenberg concentrate ? Well, no. This e liquid concentrate is just very fresh with fruity notes, atypical, bringing a strong throat hit sensation. Use: 15% Steeping: Give it some days


  • Pink Man Vampire Vape
    In stock
    Vampire Vape Pinkman flavor concentrate

    PinkMan e juice flavour is a delight of citrus. Vampire Vape has designed a perfectly balanced recipe, counterbalancing the sweet lemon with the other fruits to avoid any bitterness. Use: 15% Steeping: Give it some days steep



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