CBD Booster Weedeo - Cannabidiol (10ml)

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  • Like nicotine booster, the CBD booster helps to dose the intake of cannabidiol in your e liquid DIY
  • 500mg or 1,000mg/10ml available

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CBD Booster Weedeo (500mg or 1,000mg/10ml)

A CBD e liquid

  • CBD booster, what is it?

The CBD booster allows you to make an electronic cigarette e juice with cannabidiol simply by diluting it in a PG / VG base and adding your favorite flavor (s).

  • CBD, what dosage?

The dosage of CBD adapts to the desired effects.

- 10mg / ml or 100mg / 10ml, you get a liquid with light effects → repeated use throughout the day

- 30mg / ml or 300mg / 10ml, you get a fairly dosed eliquid → point use

- 50mg / ml or 500mg / 10ml, you get a very dosed ejuice → occasional use

  • How to dose your CBD e liquid?

Far from being the equivalent of nicotine, there is no precise dosage but an adaptation to your sensitivity to the product or your habit of consuming cannabinoid substances.

Here are some indicative recommendations:

> I want a dosage less than or equal to 150mg / ml:

- I dilute the CBD 500mg bottle in 23ml of neutral base allowing me to make 33ml of e liquid

- I dilute the CBD 1000mg in 56ml of neutral base allowing me to make 66ml of e liquid

I get a light effect that can be repeated throughout the day.

> I want a dosage less than or equal to 300mg / ml:

- I dilute the CBD 500 bottle in 7ml of neutral base allowing me to make 17ml of e liquid

- I dilute the CBD 1000 bottle in 23ml of neutral base allowing me to make 33ml of e liquid

I get a reinforced effect requiring a vape punctuated with breaks

  • CBD E liquid, risks of overdose?

Unlike nicotine, the risks of CBD overdose are almost non-existent.
You may at most feel a numbness and stiffness that a good night's sleep will make disappear.

  • Vaping CBD

As a general rule, CBD vapers prefer to use a conventional electronic cigarette with a 2ml tank that does not deliver too much power to fully appreciate the flavor.

It should be noted that the CBD liquid does not like prolonged exposure to heat, sunlight and free air.
We therefore recommend a small quantity tank.

  • Can I combine nicotine and CBD?

In absolute terms, nothing prevents you from associating nicotine with CBD, but the desired effects may cancel each other out as nicotine is a stimulant and CBD a relaxant.

All about CBD Vape

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Booster CBD Weedeo Liquideo

  • Made in France
  • Composition: PG (propylene glycol)
  • Weedeo 10ml dropper bottle

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