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  • If you're looking for the real taste of strawberry fruit, this Capella flavor will be your favorite to make the perfect strawberry vape juice !
  • Use: 10-12%
  • Steeping: Fruit flavors don't require steep time
  • Flavors that go with strawberry: Apple, Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Banana, Mint

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  • Strawberry syrup

      Craving for strawberry?

    - I love strawberries, I'm crazy about them! Now, I'm looking for a realistic flavor, not a candy-like taste, to create a good fruit e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. How good is this Capella flavor?

    - Absolutely, there are many strawberry flavors out there, but this one delivers an authentic fruit note in e-liquid recipes.
    And through experiments, you might even come to mix this flavor with other fruity fragrances to create a more complex strawberry-based recipe, for sure...

    Arom-Team's review: A realistic fruit e-liquid flavor that's incredibly lifelike. You can already picture the red strawberry, a juicy and succulent fruit, with its sweet and slightly tangy authentic flavor, not strawberry candy.

    What fruit goes well with strawberry?

    This Capella Strawberry is a potent strawberry e-liquid concentrate that will easily satisfy fans of this red fruit for simple fruity recipes pairing with blueberries, raspberries, and watermelon.

    It's also the heart of a dessert recipe ranging from chocolate cake to strawberry jam, combined with vanilla custard or cereals, even if the strawberry season has passed!

    strawberry e-liquid recipe
         DIY strawberry e-liquid recipe

    E-cigarette strawberry flavor?

    Like all Capella Flavors products, this concentrated strawberry flavor can be used in baking, to flavor yogurt, or to make beverages.

    How to use this DIY strawberry flavor?

    • Recommended Percentage: 10 - 12%
    • 24 drops = 1ml = 10% for 10ml

    Sweet Strawberry recipe

    strawberry e-liquid recipe capella

    Recipe with strawberry

    - Nicotine Base PG/VG
    - Sweet Strawberry: 4%
    - Vanilla Custard: 3%
    - Bavarian Cream: 3%
    - Sugar Cookie: 5%
    - Supersweet: 1%

    Strawberries - Cap Sweet Strawberry

    • High-quality food flavor made in the USA
    • Composition: Natural and artificial flavors, PG (propylene glycol), water
    • Guaranteed without diacetyl, without acetyl propionyl, without acetoin, without preservatives, without sugar, without aspartame, without gluten
    • 10ml dropper bottle packaged by Arom Team

    Arom Team Reviews (61)

    Rated 4.72 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 61 customer reviews
    Client vérifié


    Conforme, utiliser en recette pour un yaourt fraise et ça donne un bon résultat...

    Cet avis vous a-t-il été utile ? Oui Non
    Client vérifié


    Après 2 semaine de stepp pas assez de gout : soit manque de goûttes soit il manque du stepp

    Cet avis vous a-t-il été utile ? Oui Non
    Client vérifié

    Bon goût de fraise

    Arôme fraise très fidèle, légèrement sucré, pas d'arrière goût chimique.
    J'en reprendrai lors de ma prochaine commande.

    Cet avis vous a-t-il été utile ? Oui Non
    Client vérifié

    Correspond parfaitement a ce que

    Correspond parfaitement a ce que j'attend.

    Cet avis vous a-t-il été utile ? Oui Non
    Client vérifié

    La fraise qui m'a réconciliée avec les fruités

    Enfin un atome fraise naturel, ne désespérez pas, la vraie fraise existe !

    Cet avis vous a-t-il été utile ? Oui Non


    De la fraise!mais excellente !

    Cet avis vous a-t-il été utile ? Oui Non

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