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Vape Institut Flavour Concentrate

When a chef leaves his kitchen, he does not lose his passion for associations of fine tastes.
This is the case of the creator of the Vape Institute range, a line of concentrated flavors for diy and e liquids for electronic cigarette.
The result is French ultra gourmet concentrated, playing on nuances, obviously in search of new unexplored sensations

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  • Raspberry lemon, vanilla and cereals concentrate
    In stock
    Evolv Vape Institut - For a raspberry vanilla e juice

    This Vape Institute concentrate is a mix of raspberry and lemon on a vanilla bed dotted with cereal for an awesome vape ejuice Use: 15% Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep


  • A vanilla Ice Cream with blueberry and marshmallow
    In stock
    L'ORIGINAL Vape Institut - Blueberry ice cream recipe

    Vape Institut has concocted here a gourmet recipe, vanilla ice cream with blueberry and a hint of marshmallow. An unexpected combination that in fact, brings an explosion of flavors and flatters the taste buds! Use: 15% Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep


  • Vanilla, caramel, nuts concentrate
    Out of stock
    Mallok Vape Institut - A vanilla caramel e liquid recipe

    Close to Tallak, the Mallok concentrate is a subtle blend of vanilla, caramel and nuts. A complex but light flavor, just like its cousin but more caramelized. Use: 15% Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep


  • Skull, a spicy vanilla custard
    In stock
    Skull Vape Institut - Awesome custard e liquid recipe

    This Vape Institut flavour concentrate is an original vanilla custard with subtle spicy notes. The balance between vanilla and spices is perfectly achieved, making this flavor a little less tiresome than a traditional custard Use: 15% Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep


  • Vape Institut Tallak, almond milk, vanilla, nuts concentrate
    Out of stock
    Tallak Vape Institut - Almond vanilla concentrate

    This Tallak Vape Institut is a sublime blend of almond milk, vanilla and a touch of nuts. A delicious creamy flavor, potential all day vape for numerous vapers ! Use: 15% Steeping: Give it a two weeks steep



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