The best e-liquid flavors for electronic cigarettes

A meticulous selection of the best concentrated flavors for electronic cigarette

Arom-Team is pleased to offer you on his site the flavors and concentrates most popular with vapers.

There is no doubt about the quality here. flavors, they are all approved by the most seasoned e-cigarette users.

In just a few clicks, you can browse a catalog of renowned flavors and liquids that will not disappoint you in the design of your electronic cigarette liquids.

Make a cheap DIY e liquid

All products available on our site are seriously evaluated ;s. If they do not respond to our quality criteria, they do not enter our catalogue.

What are our quality criteria?

Apart from its realism, an aroma must have a certain power in order to be able to blossom over time and experience its steeping without losing its intensity.

An e-liquid base must be pure, without water or alcohol, of high quality. pharmaceutical and easy to use.

A real asset if you want to make a cheap e-liquid without ruining yourself in the purchase of sometimes useless electronic cigarette aromas.


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