At the end of July 2019, press agencies dispatch is troubling people's minds about the place of the electronic cigarette in our society.

Assuring a clear opinion of the World Health Organization on the issue, this dispatch announces without hesitation:

"The electronic cigarette is undeniably harmful to health"

Very quickly spread everywhere through the media and the press, it gives rise to a terrible anti-vape campaign, full of fake news or at best very approximate information.

Aaah finally! The WHO says, "vaping is harmful", we can gargle this formula finally very limpid.
Ecig must be destroyed !!

Many tobacco specialists have indulged in outrageous comments, advancing alleged scientific evidence of a hidden evil for years, even inventing substances contained in e-liquids, such as the presence of ethylene glycol (antifreeze !) or even tars which would be generated by the poor atomizers of electronic mods !

Indignes is a low word. It deserves to be stronger to respond to these detractors released in their visible desire to divert people from vaping without worrying about the real damage caused by tobacco.

It would have been simple for the press agencies to check the source of this information to see the sublime trickery cleverly nested in this catchy title attesting the harmfulness of an electronic device available for over a decade now.

Indeed, digging a little, the journalists would have quickly discovered that it was in no way a WHO recommendation but the will to harm from a certain lobby, using and abusing the World Organization of Health to convey a very specific message, but above all, unfounded and misleading message.

Financing that raises questions

But this report, presented as an indisputable source of information from WHO, was in fact financed by private funds, in this case the Bloomberg Philanthropies Foundation.

Bloomberg Philantropies

And the investigative journalists would have been surprised to learn that at the head of this foundation is Michael Blomberg, eighth world fortune and former mayor of New York... and fierce critic of the vape for years.

They would have noted that if Michael Bloomberg has always fought against tobacco, he created the amalgam with the electronic cigarette and considers it just as harmful by this famous gateway effect, convinced that 60% of vapers are vaper and smoker and that vaping intoxicates youth before driving them to tobacco.

But more importantly, Michael Bloomberg has not learned to make the slightest distinction between heated tobacco from tobacco industry - which is no less harmful than tobacco - and the liquids for ecigs, which are tobacco-free.

He has therefore embarked on a crusade against the vape in the same way as his fight against tobacco while stomping happily on health risk reduction.

In this confusion, this powerful contributor believed himself entitled to express himself in the place of WHO, affirming a harmfulness not proven by any scientific study but only based on his ideology, if not his only fantasy.

The proof lies in the very wording of the dispatch sent to the press agencies entitled:

"Electronic cigarettes are undeniably harmful to health"

and the content of the report:

"WHO has thoroughly consulted and summarized all the current evidence on ENDS (ecigarette), and we find that the evidence to date is inconclusive. "


"The specific risk rate associated with ENDS (e cigarette) has not yet been conclusively determined."

In three sentences, everything and its opposite but obviously, investigative journalism is lost...

Is World Health Organization still credible?

WHO seems to have a terrible problem that could be described as conscience.

Many of his recommendations come from studies and reports from private funds.

From powerful pharmaceutical industry groups to Bill Gates to billionaires around the world, how can we still guarantee its independence when we peel the list of its contributors ?

WHO best contributors

Conflicts of interest seem to take precedence over the initial desire to take care of human health.

We had already identified this major problem in 2014 on our external blog about WHO (french language)

In 2010, the European Parliament ordered an investigation, summoning the organization to provide public transparency on a "Golden Triangle" of therapeutic corruption between the WHO, the pharmaceutical industry and academic researchers that led to an alert swine flu.

The pure creation of a false pandemic has benefited the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of human health...

In 2019, WHO is still in constant search for funding to ensure its running.
But is the price to pay for its integrity ?

The complicity of the media

This dispatch from press agencies generated a surge of media misinformation.

Medias and newspapers have not failed to spread shameless lies, such as the presence of carbon monoxide and tars in electronic cigarette eliquids.

How, then, did they manage to find carbon monoxide and tars in a device that does not contain tobacco and is not subject to any combustion ?
It's a complete mystery...

In the end, this summer episode, a new blind assault against ecig to better stifle it, reflects only the harm that suffers our society, corrupted by the financial interests and dominated by lies.

It remains that 78,000 people die each year in France for the actual damage caused by tobacco.

The message sent to smokers who would like to get out of smoking by trying vaporizers, their resistance without tobacco and their steam, is clearly that one should not even try to do away with smoking !


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