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  • 814

    814 Flavours

    814 concentrate flavors are from France, made in Gironde.
    Its creators offer you a vapological epic in the time of kings, walking along the flavors evoked in gourmet recesses of yesteryear for an unique vape

  • Capella Flavors Drops

    Best Capella Flavors for E juice

    Capella Flavors are one of the most famous brands, bringing a wide catalog of highly concentrated multi-purpose flavors for electronic cigarette e juices, food and more.
    They contain no preservatives, no potassium sorbate, no sugar, saccharin or aspartame, no caffeine, no sodium.
    They are guaranteed without gluten and diacetyl, some without acetyl propionyl and acetoin.
    Capella flavor can also flavor desserts, yogurts or drinks if you just want to buy food flavorings.
    You will find nearly a hundred of them on Arom'Team
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  • Concentrated Flavors

    Super Concentrated Flavors

    Concentrated Flavors range is manufactured in China, tobacco flavorings based with tobacco extracts and tobacco absolute, very focused and realistic.
    We do not doubt that some of you already know that range.
    These tobacco flavors are very concentrated, we urge you to respect the indicated dosages and allow sufficient maturation time. Thus, a bottle will last an eternity !

    Here you will find nearly forty flavors and tobacco concentrates so as to satisfy and deceive your cravings by very realistic and cheap e liquid flavors but premium juice! 

  • Flavor West

    Flavor West Best Flavors

    Flavour West are american diy flavors guaranteed without diacetyl. Often used in high dosages, you must be moderate for a better rendering. Let us guide you !

    A range of flavors suitable for electronic cigarette vapor - food grade, which can also flavor desserts, yogurts or drinks, they are sure values of diy used all over the world.
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  • Flavour Art

    Best FlavourArt Concentrates

    Well known from diyers, Flavour Art is a famous Italian manufacturer, at the forefront of research and offering concentrate flavors for e liquid.
    Food grade flavors also for desserts, yogurts or drinks, and of course for vape diy.

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  • LorAnn Oils and Flavors

    Best LorAnn Oil Flavors for Vaping

    LorAnn flavorings are american diy flavors, guaranteed without diacetyl, gluten and sugar, for some totally natural.

    The LorAnn flavors offered here are specifically intended for vape but are food grade and can also flavor desserts, yogurts or drinks
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  • Mom and Pop

    Mom and Pop Flavors

    Mom and Pop are american diy flavors for gourmet and tobacco e liquid which are sufficient in themselves. All tobacco flavors are tobacco absolute or tobacco extract to feel their authenticity. They are guaranteed without diacetyl.

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  • Revolute

    Revolute E liquid Base and Concentrates

    Revolute is a French manufacturer of flavors and liquids for electronic cigarettes.

    They offer neutral USP bases, nicotine boosters allowing you to create your liquids as well as elaborated concentrated flavors to flavor your e liquids.

    In the landscape of vape, Revolute is now a safe bet for quality homemade liquids

  • Tasty Puff Flavoring

    Tasty Puff E juice Flavors

    Tasty Puff are at first liquid flavors for tobacco cigarette. It is also possible to use them in your e-liquid.
    They consist of plant extracts, fruits and spices, PG (propylene glycol), food coloring and water.

  • The Perfumer's Apprentice

    The Perfumer's Apprentice Flavours

    The Flavor/Perfumer's Apprentice specializing in diy flavors and perfumes, based in California, USA.

    Well known and widely used by diyers, these flavors have become indispensable to create the best liquids for electronic cigarettes.

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  • TJuice

    Best T Juice Concentrates

    TJuice is an English manufacturer of concentrated flavors and e liquid for electronic cigarette known to be rich in taste, original and captivating.

    TJuice is a "pop" manufacturer, loving surprising flavors to be off the beaten track
    Famous for its Colonel Custard or Red Astaire, TJuice is now a well-established reference in the world of vape and for your pleasure

  • Vampire Vape

    Vampire Vape Flavours

    Vampire Vape is a British manufacturer of concentrated flavors and e liquids for electronic cigarette, now reference in the world of vape.

    The specificity of these concentrates is characterized by their search for originality by associations of unexpected tastes.
    This results in atypical diy concentrates, combining inimitable flavors.

  • Vape Institut

    Vape Institut Flavour Concentrate

    When a chef leaves his kitchen, he does not lose his passion for associations of fine tastes.

    This is the case of the creator of the Vape Institute range, a line of concentrated flavors for diy and e liquids for electronic cigarette.
    The result is French ultra gourmet concentrated, playing on nuances, obviously in search of new unexplored sensations

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