Christmas flavors

Does the Christmas vape exist?

Gourmets who are vapers cannot miss this annual opportunity to play flavors to satisfy their vaporous pleasure.
But the challenge is delicate when it comes to finding originality in a Christmas e-liquid.

There is few recipes linked to this unique time of the year.

Arom Team have therefore concocted for you a small listing of festive e liquid DiY recipes that will join the party, out of your usual eliquids to juggle the sweets and mark the holiday season and more if affinities!

Enjoy your next Christmas e-liquid recipes

  • Christmas Custard Recipe

custard christmas recipe

Gourmet Christmas? Here is a happy variant of Grant's Vanilla Custard, legendary e-juice which remains a reference for vapers.

In this DiY e-liquid recipe, you will find the subtle blend of Vanilla Custard and Dulce de Leche, which is the basis of the Grants, but you will be able to further enhance the delicacy by adding a subtle cinnamon touch with the Cinnamon Danish Swirl. Super Sweet is optional if you don't like overly sweet e-liquids.

Combine this flavor with sparkling champagne is a killer!

All the aromas making up this recipe are from the Capella brand.

The dosages indicated correspond to the use of a 50/50 e-liquid base. Feel free to increase the percentages slightly if you use a higher ratio of glycerin.

Maturation time: count at least ten days

  • Christmas Gingerbread

gingerbread e-liquide

Oh Christmas cookies! They are as varied as they are sweet and the recipes are endless!

The eliquide recipe that we propose here sublimates the small biscuits in gingerbread, by associating a flavor vanilla cookies and a touch of caramel and chocolate to caress your taste buds.

A magic vape juice that will accompany your Christmas Eve in gourmet vapors!

The products needed by this DiY recipe are from Capella, Flavor West and LorAnn Oils brands.

The dosages applied to this liquid are intended for a 50 50 base. Slightly increase their proportion if you opt for a more glycerine base.

Steeping time: ten days minimum

  • DiY candy cane e juice

christmas candy cane recipe

Candy cane is a stick-shaped candy, which, in its classic version, is flavored with peppermint.

To enhance it in this festive recipe, add a few drops of Peppermint which will reinforce its freshness and soften it with a sweet marshmallow to temper it.

A perfect candy cane e juice to keep you cool all night!

The products making up this recipe are from Capella Flavors brand.

The dosages mentioned are for a 50-50 base. You will need to increase the proportions if you use more glycerin.

Maturation time: a few days

  • Christmas orange cookies ejuice recipe

christmas orange chocolate

Christmas orange cookies are popular pastries for the holiday season.

Find here a gourmet derivative for vaporizers, combining the classic alliance of orange and chocolate but enhanced by a touch of Irish Cream, a taste of Whiskey Baileys, and a touch of Peppermint to balance the sweet flavors.

The result is a delicate and delicious juice that can accompany these holiday days without ever tiring.

The products included in this e-liquid recipe are from the Capella brand.

The recommended dosages are suitable for a 50/50 base. Do not hesitate to increase them if you use a higher vegetable glycerin ratio.

Maturation time: ten days minimum

  • Christmas lemon pie

tarte citron noel

The taste of lemon pie is certainly the most popular in e-liquids e-cigs.

In this recipe, the variant lies in the balance between lemon cream and bourbon vanilla to enhance the pastry cream.

The result is an improved Christmas lemon pie, even more delicious, a veritable festive delicacy.

The flavors composing this mix are Capella and Flavor West brands.

The dosages indicated correspond to the use of a 50 50 PGVG e-liquid base. If you opt for a base containing more glycerin, do not forget to increase the percentage of the flavors.

Steep time: minimum two weeks

  • Christmas Eggnog

christmas eggnog

Eggnog is a Christmas tradition.

We also find in vaping e liquids the magic of this traditional Christmas drink that warms us during long winter evenings.

The eggnog recipe that we offer here combines vanilla with milk and is enhanced with marshmallow and butternut squash, which sweeten and enhance the milky taste.

The products needed to create this DiY recipe are Capella Flavors, LorAnn Oils and Flavor West.

The percentages indicated correspond to a 5050 base. Think to increase them if you use a high ratio of vegetable glycerine.

Steeping time: one week minimum

The holidays are a unique time of the year.

Christmas unites families, brings friends together, rekindles tenderness and love, creates peace.

The end of the year is a bridge between regrets and hopes, the hand stretched towards a better future.

We hope that these few recipes supposed to accompany your vape during this annual truce will give you inspiration and fill your cravings for sweets.

Happy holiday season to all

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