What is happening with Paypal and vape?

Many of you are wondering by no longer finding Paypal payment on Arom Team.

We would like to inform you of the situation even though this organization forbids us to mention their brand following the closure of our account.

Indeed, we cannot remain silent while reading you, suspicious, thinking that in fact this rupture with Paypal is of our doing, the result of multiple disputes with our customers.

That's why I want to tell you the whole story, in detail, to restore the truth of a witch hunt.

Here is the email we received very precisely on January 19, 2021 at 4:51 p.m.

mail Paypal

The exact title of this email is:

"We are launching a procedure to close your Paypal account (reference number: PP-L ------)"

No prior warning, no notice, in the space of a second our account is frozen.

And as you can read above, the reason given by Paypal is:

"... you are in violation of the Paypal Permitted Use Regulations. Specifically, the unapproved sale of cigarettes, non-cigarette tobacco products, and e-cigarettes."

before concluding without appeal:

"you will no longer be able to use Paypal."

And that's all.

But the story does not end there and the rest of the email is also very tasty.


Indeed, not content with depriving their consumers of this means of payment, they also allow themselves to freeze the assets of companies for an imposed period of 180 days, six months.

I let you appreciate this excessive procedure in times of economic crisis generated by a global pandemic.


In fact, nothing is happening, it must be said.

The study in question seems to be the outright freeze of the account and its available while waiting for the imposed deadline of 6 months.


How to appeal this decision?

Clearly, no way possible.

A first message sent on receipt of this notification of decision received a laconic response, mentioning the necessary study of the account, the time limits imposed and concluding that Paypal would resume contact with its customer at the end of this in-depth examination.

It should be noted here that the account did not present any dispute with one of its clients last January and that, almost 3 months later, it still does not present any particular activity.

The following messages, calling for the rapid release of funds available in our account remain unanswered to this day.

This is the story.

Why so much transparency three months later, you will tell me.

Because there are some pretty nauseating rumors.

Contrary to what some say, the vape shops sanctioned by Paypal are not because they behave badly and do not satisfy their customers.

At the present time, it is clearly the vape that is under attack and Paypal, an American company, shows without a hitch that it does not support the electronic cigarette even if it is not illegal, better still it assimilates it to tobacco.

As for the customers of these same shops who are astonished to still be able to buy ecigarette products using Paypal on certain sites, understand that Paypal's initiative to ban all distributors is gradual and that in the end, you will not be able to no longer pay via Paypal since no vape shop will offer this method of payment any more.

Even if we are still very penalized by the withholding of funds that we have suffered for almost three months, this article is not a settling of accounts with Paypal.

It is an answer to those who think they still have all the truths even if they are not concerned.

To the others, to all those who, since January, have supported us by paying for their purchases via the secure server of our bank or by bank transfer, I have only one thing to say to them and from the bottom of my heart...

Thank you.


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